Jumat, 13 Maret 2015

[HOW-TO] (dev/mod only) (ICS/JB/KK - CM9/CM10.x/CM11.x) make your android background transparent

This is not for noob, only for advance user such as dev or modder who already knew how to decompile and recompile the apk files. let's get the guide begin 

The things you need to have

  • Latest apktool, I recommend this apktool from BDfreak (availabel here
  • framework-res.apk and/or SemcGenericUxpRes.apk
  • Notepad++ or something else you have
  • Image editor which could possibly made the transparent image I use Photoshop thou 
<< Step 1 >> Editing xml files

Now after you decompile those files go to "out folder"  framework-res.apk/res/value/style.xml

find this line of scripts 
<style name="Theme.DeviceDefault" parent="@style/Theme.Holo">

from the section above find another script contains
<item name="windowShowWallpaper">false</item>

change the value from "false" to "true" or / else you can find the script, just add the line at the bottom of the section as follow

<item name="windowShowWallpaper">true</item>

============ the part above used for CM base rom and SEMC base rom ============

Now for the special SEMC base ROM 

Find this line of script 

<style name="SEMCTheme" parent="@style/Theme">

and modify those line as follows

<style name="SEMCTheme" parent="@style/Theme.Wallpaper">

*be careful with your typos this is exactly what you need to type and watch the capslock button

Save it, but do NOT close just yet.

Open the decompiled SemcGenericUxpRes.apk go to res/value/style.xml

find this line of script 
<style name="SEMCTheme" parent="@*android:style/Theme">

and modify the line as follows
<style name="SEMCTheme" parent="@*android:style/Theme.Wallpaper">

*again be careful with you typos

And we're done with editing xml files Now proceed to another step

<< Step 2 >> Image editing 

On the decompiled framework-res.apk go inside the res/drawable-hdpi 
*it depend on what device you working at mine was HDPI device so I edit the image inside the "drawable-hdpi" folder it possibly on the other folder such as (nodpi/ldpi/mdpi/xhdpi) folder so look for yourself, savvy?

Now find the file named as background_holo_dark.png
*again, I am not guarantee this is the exact file you need to edit, find the respective file maybe it's not an image but an xml files and it located on the "drawable" folder so look for yourself, aye?

After you find the file, edit with respective image editing tools/program and make the image as transparent as you wish, but do not adjust to full opacity its need a bit opaque, maybe 60%-70% transparent value. 

after you've dealt with it, save the image with the same name as original files, and replace the current file.

============ the part above used for CM base rom ============

Now for the special SEMC base ROM

on the same folder find semc_bg.png (both, if you find more than one file)
with the same way, edit your image.

when it's done, save it and replace the original file

next, we work with image inside the SemcGenericUxpRes.apk in the res/drawable-hdpi or something else
find image file named as semc_bg_tile.png

and make it transparent with the same way. -_____- *meh

And we're done with all step, easy right? *yeah, you just reading it. 

<< Step 3 >> Recompile all decompiled files 
<< Step 4 >> Push all those file to your android, and reboot.  And hope, it won't bootloop. 

Thank's for reading it, See ya.