Tutorial editing *.9.png files

On Android framework we always found a file named *.9.png, Now this tutorial is HOW TO DEAL WITH *.9.png file using Adobe photoshop. This tutorial will meanigless if you don't even knew how to use photoshop, so walk away please, i wont get any further to explain how to use Photoshop.

Now Lets get the Tutorial begin

First step

  • Open a *.9.png files you wish to deal with Adobe photoshop
  • Because *.9.png files was to small to edit you have to carefully what are you doing.
  • Zoom it untill you get better pixelate view
  • This is pictorial explanation
  • once you have a new layer you can edit your image, you can change transparency or more right on the new layer, but be carefull, editing over the black dots/lines will make the file corupted.

Second step (save your image)
  • Before saving make sure you have done it corectly
  • do as follows
  • Right click and Merge visible
  • done and save it replace as original file
Done. Well thats all how to edit *.9.png file, the principle is the same for other *.png files, if you temper black dots/lines it will corupted and will fail through recompile process. so be carefull.