Jumat, 29 April 2016

[HOW TO] Enable save as offline page for offline reading on the Chrome - Android

For Chrome user on android, ever womder how to save the page as offline page for offline reading?

This feature is already built-in on it, but it's still on experiment flag. You need to activate it to enable this feature.

To activate this feature, open your chrome and type this on address bar ;

Image 1
The experiment page will appear

Now use "find in page" menu on chrome and type

Enable offline pages

Image 2
There you'll find an option to enable save the page offline


Enabled as saved pages

Image 3
As soon as you're done with your choice, notification will appear on the bottom to tell you to relaunch the chrome to take effect.

Press it and the option save as offline page will available.

It will work as the way you saved as bookmark. But it will goes offline, and won't sync with your Google account.

You can find the saved pages along with the bookmarked pages option for later reading.

Ok, this conclude the guide for now.