Change black Background

1. Now, this part will tell you how to change your black activity background.

    What we need?
    a. apktool you can find it HERE
    b. framework-res.apk

    Decompile your apk first, then
    a. go to decompiled folder framework-res\res\drawable-mdpi\background.png
        a.1 if it not exist you can make it first using photoshop or other image editing program
        a.2 do the same for a. go to decompiled folder framework-res\res\drawable-land-mdpi\bacground.png
        a.3 SAVE
    b. go to folder framework-res\res\value\style.xml
    c. find this line <item name="windowBackground">xxxxxx</item>
        c.1 change to <item name="windowBackground">background</png>
        c.2 SAVE
    c. then go to framework-res\res\value\public.xml
    d. open with notepad++
        d.1 find the line same as <item name="windowBackground">xxxxxx</item>
        d.2 original name is <public type="drawable" name="xxxxxx"
        d.3 change to <public type="drawable" name="background"
< note : I can't give you exact name, due to differential for one ROM to another, you have to figure it out by yourself >
    e. SAVE
    Recompile your apk

2. How to make transparent background?

    a. go to decompiled folder framework-res\res\drawable-mdpi\background.png
        a.1 make it solid and transparent 60% - 70%
        a.2 do the same for a. go to decompiled folder framework-res\res\drawable-land-mdpi\bacground.png
        a.3 SAVE

    b. go to folder framework-res\res\value\style.xml
        b.1 find this line <style name="Theme">
        b.2 change to <style name="Theme" parent="@style/Theme.Wallpaper>
        b.3 SAVE

3. Done